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Toyota Entune Premium Audio & App Suite Demo!

Toyota Entune Premium Audio & App Suite Demo! | Hey guys! Andru Edwards here from GearLive.com. Now that we've learned what we can get out of the Entune Multimedia Platform, we thought we'd give you a look at what Toyota offers in the vehicle to make your life a little more convenient and safe. So these are some features you'll find on the premium trim of Entune. First of, one-shot address, basically you use your voice command to enter the address that you wanna go to through your navigating system, you don't have to enter anything manually, you just use your voice to promote that safety and also get where you're going a lot easier. Here's how it works. First thing you do, hit the command button on your steering wheel. "What would you like to do?" "Address" "For directions to an address, please say the full address, including the city, and the state or province." "19001 South Western Ave, Torrance, California" "I heard, 19001 South Western Ave, Torrance, California. Is that correct?" "Yes" "Starting guidance for a new route" And as simple as that, you can be on your way, you can be driving, you can be at a stoplight, you don't have to be fully stopped so you can type something in.

You just do it with your voice, and you're on your way. One feature you'll find in a lot of vehicles now is pairing your phone with Bluetooth, which allows you to stream music, take phone calls, all wirelessly hands-free. So I'm gonna show you how to setup your smartphone with Entune Premium. Here's how you do it, for an easy shortcut, as you see right here at the top right side of the screen, there's a phone icon with a slash to it, press that and it takes you right to the bluetooth setup very quickly. Then, you're gonna wanna add a phone, and then on your smartphone, go into your settings, bluetooth, and turn it on, and then find the device, in this case Toyota Highlander, tap on that, and it's pairing as you can see was successful. Now, if you wanna be able to also get your notifications, you gonna wanna tap on the finishing icon, turn on show notifications, and now your notifications from your smartphone will appear to you on the Entune display, leaving you again hands-free with your communication.

Now, that bluetooth process will work all across Entune vehicles, again you just hit the shortcut on the top right side of the display to get started. Another cool feature you'll find inside the Entune premium trim level, is that you can actually cash am and fm radio. What I mean by cash is if you have something DVR or something that you could actually pause when your watching and then continue watching it later, you can do that with am and fm radio. Where that might be convenient for example is if you're driving along and listening to your favorite , let's say sport station, and a call comes in, the call will actually pause your sport show and let you take your call, and for up to 20 minutes it'll save the content, so that when the call ends, you can actually continue right where you left off. Now, if you change the channel or if you turn the car off, you'll lose what was saved but while you're driving, if you want it to pause you can do that and keep listening, so here's how you do it. At the bottom of the screen, you see there's a pause button right there, you can hit pause , and again while listening to fm radio right now.

As you can see, you'll see the timer right there, showing you how much we have recorded, again it can record up to 20 minutes. Once you're ready to listen again,let's say it's worth five minutes or whatever, all you have to do is hit play, and now you're listening right where you left off, you can rewind, you can fast-forward, or you can go right to live just like that, and you're back live where you're started. So, even if you hit live, it still maintains 20 minutes of content, so you can still rewind , if we record the first song, you can just go back full-tracks, and again go back to live.

Super easy, great feature right there. That is cashing of AM and FM Radio. Another way that Entune Premium trim helps you with distracted driving, and therefore convenience is by actually letting you see your text messages on your screen, even you haven't red to you, depending on your device, here's how it works. You're driving along and you get a text message, now as you can see, my phone got a text message and it comes up here, and came a text text message from Andy Lam, Ignore that or I can have the vehicle read it to me. "Gear Live and Toyota are awesome" You can read it on the screen itself or the vehicle can also read it to you and with some devices you can even respond with some context messages you know, I'm busy, I'm late, I'll call you back later, little things like that so you don't have to think about your response just hit something quick and get your eyes back on the road.

Super safe, super easy, nice feature. One new feature of the second generation Entune system is that, now when you get an incoming call, it doesn't have to take over your entire screen experience. I'll show you what I mean, so here we have our screen showing and when a call comes in here's what it looks like, do see when you have a call coming in and the entire screen just got taken over by that phone call, I'm gonna go ahead and say no, because that happened, I don't wanna take that call, because what if you're driving and you're paying attention to your map guide, you wanna see when your turn is coming up and a phone call interrupts that, you could get lost, so we can change that setting by going in the phone settings, phone display settings and change it from fullscreen to drop-down and now, when we get a call,let's see what happens here you go, phone call in progress with the incoming call right across the top, my map is still there, my weather is still there and I think the button if I should take the call or not is on the steering wheel.

I'm still busy driving and I better not be distracted so I'm just gonna let the call go to voicemail. But you can see that it didn't take me out of the experience that I already set-up and wanted to be in..

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